Thursday, November 1, 2007

Charter Catamaran Advantages

Why charter a catamaran vs a mono-hull?

Lots of reasons! Here are just a few!
* The small draft of a catamaran allows you to anchor in shallow bays or very close to the beach, which leads to more privacy and more options to drop anchor. In some places you can step off the boat and walk to shore!
* Minimum heeling and more stability can help to avoid seasickness. Of course the only cure for seasickness is 10 minutes under an oak tree - but we sure can minimize it on a cat!
* More room foot for foot. A catamaran has about the volume of a 10' longer monohull i.e. a 42' catamaran has about the space of a 52' monohull. So, more room on deck and inside with wrap around windows. A charter catamaran is the right party boat but especially the elderly will benefit of the stable and spacious deck with no steps between inside and outside. (Our younger crowd doesn't mind it either!)
* Easier to handle and steer. The autopilot steers very well, because the hulls as well as the two rudders give good tracking, and having an engine in each hull provides for turning the boat in it's own length plus the safety backup of having two engines.
* Somewhat faster as long as you are not overloaded, not sailing close hauled, and when sailing with enough wind.
* More privacy, since the sleeping accommodations, heads and showers are totally separate, located in each hull and in opposite corners.
* Handy storage of the dinghy pulled into the davits aft between the hulls.

Cool huh? Tomorrow let's look at disadvantages.

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