Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Catamaran Charter in the Caribbean

What is a Catamaran Charter Yacht Vacation? It is the most unique and personalized vacation you can imagine! The professional crew members of your yacht will be your captain, chef, tour guide, water sports activities director, nature guide (both above and below the water), and more!

Do I have to share the yacht? No, you charter the whole yacht. You select the yacht which offers the right accommodations for your party, from a honeymoon or anniversary for two, on up to a larger yacht for 5 couples. You can even arrange for two or more yachts to sail together in tandem for larger groups.

There are yachts that specialize in teaching sailing for those who want to add that to their vacation, as well as those yachts which offer SCUBA diving - from instructing those who have never tried it, to offering experienced divers access to our beautiful reefs and coral encrusted shipwrecks.

Catamaran charter is a great way to experience some things you have never done as well as just sit back and fully relax on a beautiful golden beach in paradise!

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