Thursday, October 25, 2007

Catamaran charter - anyone can do it!

Catamaran Charter
Before you charter a catamaran, there are some misconceptions to clear up. Catamarans are not like monohulls.

There is a huge difference! Catamarans are stable, (they don't rock in the swell), they are very spacious with the two hulls offering 4 or 5 separate sleeping quarters, they are very easy to sail even for beginners, they are fast!, and because catamarans usually have two engines they are very easy to maneuver when docking.

Back in the days when we lived on our boat, the concern about catamarans was th perception they would flip over and you couldn't flip them back up!

Today however, the engineering has the catamarans actually safer than monohulls- all in all a very stable and comfortable platform for glorious sailing in the balmy beach breezes of your favorite destination.

Belize anyone?

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